AccessData Certified Examiner now free (part 3)

July 21st, 2009

The devil is in the details.

As I indicated in a previous post on this issue, I expected that the ACE being free to obtain would somehow lead to a greater revenue stream for AccessData. Well thanks to a post by “rayp” on the Forensic Focus forums, the revenue stream has become apparent. It seems you are required to do 2 AccessData training courses in the first year in order to keep your certification.

Now in order to keep my CFCE, I need to have a certain amount of training over 3 years, but I can receive this through any reputable training body, and even count time I spend training others so long as it’s only counted once per year.

Clearly the ACE is not actually free in the long term, but you weren’t really expecting that it would be, right?