Tony Patrick is the CEO of Patrick Computer Forensics Inc, a Memphis based consultancy firm offering Computer Forensics to Memphis, the state of Tennessee, and northern Mississippi. In 2010 he became the in-house eDiscovery lead for a large Memphis based corporation (unrelated to PCF).

He started his IT career in 1990 working tech support for a business software distributor.  Seeking to improve his skills, he did a short (4 year) stint in the army to pay for University, then whilst working sometimes 2 jobs at a time,  studied Information Technology and Law.  In 1999 he discovered Computer Forensics through a friend who studied the same degrees and worked in the field, and seeing an intersection of his two fields of interest, he started as an Investigative Computer Analyst with the Queensland Police in August 2000.

Over the next almost 7 years, he worked the full range of cases from Homicide, to Terrorism, Child Protection to Drug Enforcement, finally becoming the unit’s Fraud specialist, and establishing the Computer Crime Investigation Unit – Computer Forensic Laboratory in 2003.  For the next 3 years he managed every forensic examination for a fraud offense state wide.  Working closely with forensic accountants and fraud investigators, he became very familiar with the complexities of major fraud, and the many types of online fraud offenses.

In 2007, when it became clear he would soon be leaving for America, he served his last 6 months as the training officer, passing along his skills to new examiners, and training detectives in onsite search, preview and seizure.

Mr Patrick obtained the coveted Certified Forensic Computer Examiner from IACIS in 2005 and was recertified in 2008. He also volunteers for IACIS as a coach, helping new examiners to complete their certification.